One last wave to your mom or dad, and then you were looking at that big, yellow school bus or the looming doors to the elementary school…Your first day of first grade seems like lifetimes ago…Here you are again…getting ready to start another chapter in life’s journey.

Senior portraits aren’t just for the yearbook (although that’s super important), it’s about expressing who you are right now, as you step out to conquer the world.  It’s time to get out from behind the forced grins and the monochromatic backgrounds of traditional school pictures, it’s time to work together to let your personality shine.

It’s important for you to choose a photographer who has the style that matches your personality.  These images will last a lifetime and tell a story about who you are RIGHT now.

The best dates are booked early.  You senior year will be busier than ever.  And, that oh so important yearbook deadline comes faster than you think.  …so don’t wait….