Giving Back

IMG_0252-WEBIt’s overwhelming to think about how one person can make a difference. Sometimes, so overwhelming you don’t even know where to begin or become discouraged that your efforts won’t make any difference. But, you pick one thing, even a small thing – give something back, pay it forward. That is the moment. In some way, big or small, you have changed a life,  and, the world just got a little better.

I live and raise my daughters in a world that sometimes doesn’t make sense, but we do what we can to make that world a better place. I would love to help all that are in need but reserve the limited amount I have to assist carefully handpicked organizations. Currently, I support organizations working to improve our local community, particularly organizations finding permanent homes for unwanted pets. Every animal deserves a loving home, and a photograph that lets their spirit and personality shine through.

Making the world a better place starts with one simple act of kindness.