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The Year I Didn’t Send Out Christmas Cards – When to Say When

Knowing when to say when isn’t always easy.  It’s hard to see when you are in the thick of it.  It’sView full post »

Coming Back Around | Living in New Hampshire

Where I grew up, a small little town in New Hampshire, we had an annual Fair.  It was the Cornish Fair, but around townView full post »

Sending Her to Camp – Part 2 – Good-Bye and Hello

So, now that she’s been home for about 24 hours, the last two weeks seem but a faded memory. But, for her theyView full post »

Sending Her to Summer Camp – Part 1 – Watching and Waiting

She and I have developed this ballet of saying good-bye…There’s the moment when we are fine, then the next moment weView full post »

Why I Traded My $1600 Lens for the One that Cost $100

OK, that’s not the financial transaction, I didn’t give away $1500…but I did replace the lensView full post »

Happy 4th – My Second Day of the Year!

Happy Birthday America! What, know photo with this post? Well, I’m sitting lakeside this morning watching theView full post »

I’m Not Good at Doing Nothing

Years ago, when Facebook was for college kids and before I started my business, I had a personal blog…I used to writeView full post »

Caroline – 10 Years Later

I remember that day as plain as can be…well, it spanned more than one day, but we’ll romanticizeView full post »

A Lifetime of Moments

Sitting around the fireplace roasting marshmallows for s’mores, we listen to my grandmother tell a story of herView full post »

Feelin’ It — The Shoes

I stressed about what to wear.  I wished I had got my hair cut.  I wished I weighed less.  I felt awkward andView full post »

Merry Christmas To You and Yours

A heartfelt thank you for a wonderful year .  I truly appreciate all of you.  Enjoy this precious time with yourView full post »

Favorite Photo Friday | My Deepest Thanks

Many of you know that I measure the power of an image on how it goes to my heart, my core….how it makes my throatView full post »

Halloween Aftermath | NH Family Photographer

It’s the day after, and I said yes to candy for breakfast and candy in the lunch boxes…why?  Because theView full post »

Favorite Photo Friday

A year ago today, my then 8-yr daughter rode down our gravel driveway.  Having the confidence of a summer of riding onView full post »

Favorite Photo Friday | Rudy

Just hanging out under the maple tree on a hot summer day! ISO 400, 70mm, f2.8, 1/400View full post »