Back to the Beginning | Dylan

About a year ago, I quietly stopped photographing newborns. It was a hard decision, and was made harder every time a potential client inquired. But what was the hardest, was when a returning client called trusting me to again come into her home to photograph her expanding family. Each time I was tempted by a place down deep that I feel as a photographer and a mother, but I knew this was the right thing for my business to say no (always with a referral to a small group of photographers whose work I admire).

Then, Laura called me.

Four years ago, just when my business was taking off, Laura took a chance on me. She was one of my first clients that I hadn’t previously met or known before working with me. After thinking for awhile and going over why I shouldn’t say yes, I knew that that I couldn’t say no. At a time when I was just getting my feet under me, Laura put her trust in me and welcomed me into her home to photograph the thing that meant the most to her – her family. Laura is a regional radio personality, so that trust came not as easy as it would for most.

To thank her for all that she did for my confidence (and portfolio) at the time, this would also be perfect way for me to formally mark my hiatus from newborn photography –  by going back to the beginning and finishing with Laura’s new baby, Dylan. So, saying good-bye to newborn photography officially is easy as saying “hello” to Dylan.

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