The Year I Didn’t Send Out Christmas Cards – When to Say When

Knowing when to say when isn’t always easy.  It’s hard to see when you are in the thick of it.  It’s fuzzy, blurry and it’s usually a moving target.  But, that moment when you realize that it’s okay to let something go, the weight of the world goes with it. And, even things we enjoy can weigh too much on our well being.  For me, in 2014, this was my Christmas cards

…so, if you usually enjoy receiving one from me, it’s not because I crossed you off my list…I just couldn’t get it done.

I started handing them out to people I saw in person, included them in client welcome kits and order deliveries, and attached them to gifts to friends and family – that stack got smaller, but was still there.  I then told myself that as long as I got them out before the New Year, it would be okay…but right now, I’m at that point when even that is looming like a big, dark cloud and weighing way too much.

I know that the people that who matter the most will understand and would hate to have that card knowing the pressure I was putting on myself or knowing that the pressure of that unaddressed stack of envelopes was making it hard to breathe.  Those who don’t, maybe shouldn’t be on the Christmas card list…

I let it go, and I feel better…Next year, I’ll get another chance at Christmas cards….In the meantime, enjoy our Christmas card, and some other images of my girls.

Bring on 2015!





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