Dressing Boys | New Hampshire Child Photography

Peyton is such a great kid and I loved working with him. And, I love how what he was wearing took his portraits to a whole new level.

Clients usually ask me advice on what to wear, and I have tips that I send them.  We have discussions, trade e-mails, and sometimes they snap pictures with their phone of outfits that they are thinking about. In those discussions, I often stress how layering and how accessories pay off for a more polished look.  Often times, they are thinking I’m just talking about mom, but I think these images of Peyton show that a little bit of attention and effort for any and all family members can pay off big time.

Often times, boys arrive at a session in just the shirt and jeans, but look at the difference by just adding the vest, tie, and hat.  A little extra effort goes a long way for a polished look. You don’t even need all three, even just one of these items would have made a difference in style.  Another success here is that his outfit is built on a base of comfortable jeans and shirt.  They’re not stuffy, so when he added the vest and tie, it didn’t feel stiff, awkward, or stuffy – so he’s comfy and it shows.

I’m not saying that every boy should show up dressed like Peyton (although I would love it).  I’m saying that the next time you are having your family’s or child’s portraits taken, remember that even boys can be styled simply and that a little extra thought put into your attire makes a HUGE difference in the feel and look of your images.

Peyton’s wardrobe:  Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: TJ MAXX | Hat/Tie/Vest/Shoes:  Children’s Place

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