Sending Her to Camp – Part 2 – Good-Bye and Hello

So, now that she’s been home for about 24 hours, the last two weeks seem but a faded memory. But, for her they are memories that will be forever etched in her mind.  Memories and experiences that form the foundation of who she chooses to be.  That’s what camp is.  She had a wonderful time.  In turn, we got a lot of work done on our home improvements and enjoyed some time with our younger daughter.  It’s crazy how much the dynamic is different when one is gone…since the younger one is sold on camp next year, I’m anxious to see that dynamic 50 weeks from now.  Certainly hope to plan more than just working on the house during that break!

Drop off was easy as pie…she was excited, and I was excited for her.  The camp ran like a well-oiled machine and left us no doubt that she was where she needed to be. A couple of letters through the week (including one with her rifle target) confirmed what we already knew – she was having a great time.  Before I knew it, she came out of nowhere running down the path with great big hugs, as we arrived back to camp for pick-up.  Her face sunkissed with summer, and a smile so bright there was no doubt that this little camp in New Hampshire had changed her forever.

As we left, Caroline said good-bye to her counselors.  She had grown to love them in two short weeks.  We don’t meet too many Carolines, but one of her counselors was also a Caroline.  It seems they couldn’t hug tight enough and long enough – this to me said it all.


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