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Like many businesses, there are ebbs and flows, and for me it is no different.  By its nature, or Mother Nature, winter is a slower period for me, but that gives me time to recharge and reflect.  After attending a couple of technical workshops last year, this year I felt there was a need to focus on some holistic changes in the way that I did things  –  I needed change, my family needed change, and my clients needed some change.  I had strayed away from what I originally set out to do, and it was time to get back where I wanted to be and create something even better.

In January, I spent the day with Mary (and Justin) Marantz at the What’s Next Getaway.  A small group of 10 women photographers spent the day focusing on figuring out what works, what doesn’t, and where each wanted to go next.  It was so inspiring to listen to the experiences, hopes, and dreams of these women.  I could tell you something inspiring about each and every one of them.  It was a chance to spend time reflecting on what I really want to be doing – personally and professionally – and what I want to be offering to my clients.    The night ended with a portfolio and website review with both Justin and Mary which was probably one of the best things that I have had done.  I knew this was one area where I wanted to make some changes, and it came out loud and clear.

Mary has a way of just calling you out – “You keep saying X, but I’m not seeing it.  Do you really want X? or do you want Y?”  She didn’t let me hide behind my barriers.  She drowned out the voices playing in my head that feed me excuses.  She didn’t ask me “Why?”, she asked me “Why not?”.  I’ve made a commitment to myself to start asking “Why Not?”, and since then I’ve made positive things happen.

I walked away from that day with some clear changes I wanted to make and things I wanted to do.  So, here’s the first one:

I’m just MARY BOURQUE.com

Clients want to work with ME.  I am the business.  I am the studio.  I provide artistry and an experience on a much more personal level.  In that vein, the “photography” is gone, and I’m just Mary Bourque.  That message gets reflected from the beginning right at marybourque.com.

There’s more to come, including things coming out of the amazing experience I’m having working with Tiffany Farley.  Details on that coming soon…

So, in the meantime, pull up a chair and spend some time here.  I’ve pulled in some of my most popular content from the old site, if you watch to catch up.  If you’re interested in working with me, contact me, and I will send you a password to the exclusive content, including my session and product guide.

Have a wonderful day, and start asking yourself “WHY NOT?”.  Let me know what happens when you do, you might be surprised…


image by Justin & Mary

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