The Art of Vitality

She makes a difference, and for me, she made a difference.

She’s laid back, but intense.  She serious, but has a smile and laugh that melt you.  She motivates and inspires.

Meet Kelley Dole.

I met Kelley last fall when she commissioned me to create images for her newly launching website – Vitality Training Satellite.  Kelley’s concept brings improved health, fitness, and well-being into any routine you have, anywhere you are in the world – she can help.

and, I believe it.

Within minutes of meeting Kelley,  it was like talking with an old friend.  She had me thinking about myself in ways I hadn’t for a long time, and was eager to get back to.  I’ve made some changes in my own life over the last few months, and Kelley planted those seeds.

Visit Kelley at Vitality Training Satellite or follow her on Facebook.


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