I’m Not Good at Doing Nothing

Years ago, when Facebook was for college kids and before I started my business, I had a personal blog…I used to write updates for friends and family, fun ideas, or just my perspective on the life around me.  This year I would like to get back to that.  Clients choose me, not just because of the images in my portfolio, but because of who I am – we make a connection.  Many of you find your way here, and this space is where you get to know me.  So here goes…

 It was a Hans Solo, Princess Leia moment

– just before Hans drops into the carbon freeze:

 Me:  I’m not good at doing nothing.

Carla:  I know.

My massage therapist had just convinced me to try the sauna again.  I kicked and screamed in my head, but was too stressed this time to fight her on it.

For the first ten minutes, all the details of the day and the worries of tomorrow ran through my head, then I noticed it was HOT.  Then, I stopped thinking….then, I started thinking about Native Americans having hallucinations in their sweat lodges and wondered if I was going to make that journey.

Then I started thinking again that it was hot, then there was nothing….I was doing and thinking nothing, and I was okay with it.  Not great, but okay…And, then I started thinking again that it was HOT, and then the timer saved me…ESCAPE

I’m still not good at doing nothing, but I’m learning about choices that really matter…I’m learning to say no, enjoy downtime…but, I’m also learning to say yes to the unexpected, atypical things that come my way in life.  There are fifteen 10-year old and 11-year old soccer players that taught me this fall a lot about saying yes, saying yes to something you’re intimidated by or feel “too busy” to do.   I doubt they know that they make me cry when I think about the lessons I learned from them, while I was the one supposed to be teaching and coaching them. Shoot, where are my tissues?

So, it’s not so much about being good at doing nothing, as it is about making the choice to do nothing, because the choice is something.   And, doing nothing is sometimes a big something.

To continue this effort, feel free to let me know things you would like to learn about me or hear about here on my page!

Thank you to my wonderful friend, Sharna Wilkerson, for this image.

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