Caroline – 10 Years Later

I remember that day as plain as can be…well, it spanned more than one day, but we’ll romanticize it…it was the day she arrived and I no longer was the most important person in the world.  It’s amazing how I was changed by such a tiny thing, well, 9lbs-5oz isn’t really a tiny thing, but remember, we’re romanticizing it. Today, my first born turned 10.  I spent last night looking through photos that I took in the days after she was born.  It was only a couple of weeks before she was born that I bought my first DIGITAL camera, not dSLR, but DIGITAL camera.  I think I paid almost $700 for it and it was only 3 MP.   Looking at those photos brought back all those feelings of being a new mom – the excitement, the fear, the doubt.

But, as I looked at those images I heard the words that I tell my newborn mom clients –  “You know more than you think you do, you just need to listen to yourself”.  It’s funny because I tell that to Caroline now – I tell her to trust her heart, her brain, and that little place inside her that warns her when something just doesn’t feel right.

Thank you Caroline, for making me a better person…you are an amazing soul, I’m glad I’m along for the ride…. Over the last couple of months, Caroline and I had been planning a styled session…her choice for Tim Burton styled “Alice in Wonderland”.  We had such a wonderful time, perusing Etsy and Pinterest, and our storage closets for just the right touches.  And, thank you to Pleasant Street Sweets for the lovely cake that set the perfect tone — and fun treat after the session was a wrap!

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