The Bechtold Kids | Lake Sunapee Area Family Photographer

Right out of the box this spring comes this fantastic family!  I had originally planned a winter session with these kids, but Mother Nature just didn’t cooperate in this area of New Hampshire.  So, that’s on the docket for next winter, but don’t get me wrong —  I’m not wishing the summer away before it’s even really arrived.

Had a blast with these fun kids as we explored a local historical society at a once very active train station.  OK – there were a couple moments that “Please don’t let the Police come by right now!” and “Please don’t end up in the Emergency Room” went through my mind.  But Mom, she kept her cool and corralled her pack right back in.  One thing that touched me about this family is they all seem to be in tune with each other.  As one child explored something interesting, the rest seemed to follow right in line to see what adventure the other was one…exploring (and trying to stay out of trouble!) together.

….and special thanks to Kalli – f you’re the smack dab in the middle of the pack AND the only girl – you get your OWN blog post — Stay tuned.

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