Feelin’ It — The Shoes

I stressed about what to wear.  I wished I had got my hair cut.  I wished I weighed less.  I felt awkward and self-conscious.  What I never even thought for one second about were my shoes.  Well, leaving the house, I had thought my leopard print Danskos might be a little distracting, so I had just slid my feet in to the old standby black ones.  They’re me, and this is about me, right?

Fast forward an hour or so…Sharna and I joked about how she had brought some heels to try.  We talked back and forth about how heels make your legs look longer, and I should have brought some along.  About 1/2 way through, she passed over hers and I put them on.  I knew they would look different from my clunky Danskos, but what I hadn’t planned for in that brief moment is how they would change the way that I felt.

Although I am not proficient at maneuvering in heels, I felt less awkward.

Although still thinking about how to camouflage this and that, I felt less self-conscious.

…and my wind-blown hair didn’t seem so much as an annoyance, as uhmmm….yeah….a little, sexy…gasp!  ME?  WHAT?

I was not prepared for the difference that they made.  So, later that evening when Sharna and I were at a talk given by Mary Marantz (Justin and Mary) I noticed right away the tan leather pumps that Mary was rocking.  Later, I was listening intently when she talked about how we make purchases not always for necessity or function, but for the way they make us feel.  Then, she did it, Mary specifically referenced the shoes that she was wearing…I wanted to burst.

So ladies, when you ask me what to wear from now on, and I tell you don’t forget to bring some heels…listen to me.  Boots, pumps, strappy sandals, I don’t care – just give yourself a lift, I know I did.




Sharna is Sharna Wilkerson of Sharna W Photography.  She is a treasured friend and colleague.

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