Favorite Photo Friday

A year ago today, my then 8-yr daughter rode down our gravel driveway.  Having the confidence of a summer of riding on her big bike, she headed out the driveway a little fast.  Being gravel, when she pulled a u-turn it slid out from under her and she ended up with a broken thumb.  This image was about 6 weeks later, about 2 weeks from getting her cast off.  This was the 4th cast, and she was past just getting friends to sign it, so we started decorating it — where’s a bedazzler when you need it?

For me, this is just one of those images that hits me…maybe it’s how beautiful her hazel eyes are, maybe it’s that freckle she has under her eyelashes, maybe it’s the “love dad” on her cast, maybe it’s how she wears hair elastics as bracelets, maybe it’s remembering how vulnerable I felt watching my little girl go into surgery…maybe it’s all of those things…



Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens
ISO 400, f 2,  1/800


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