Cooper Still Has Me Smilin’ | NH Baby Photographer

This little guy was quite the baby.  When we got together for Cooper’s 6 month photos, he was just a ham.  Even now, I think back about what a happy guy he was, and how he just turned it on.  I really enjoyed this session, I have wonderful clients, and this family definitely fit that mould.

We originally had scheduled earlier this spring, but torrential rain had us postpone.  On this early morning in July, it was already in the 80’s and the mosquitos and horseflies were relentless.  We made several mad dashes into the house trying to escape, outsmart them and clear the air, but back outside they were chasing us down only minutes later.

One of my perks in this work is meeting new people and going new places.  Heading to their house, I traveled down a road I had gone by many times on my way to Newfound Lake.  Just a short distance off the main road were these incredible vintage summer homes from the days where city people would come to NH for the entire summer.  They were gorgeous, and to think how many times I was so close and had no idea they were there.

Thanks to Cooper and his family!  What a treat for me!

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