Favorite Photo Friday – The Blue Chair

I took this photo a couple years ago, but this is one of those photos that speaks to me…ok, I’m not going crazy this is what I mean…

50mm, ISO 400, f2.8, 1/125


When I took this photograph a couple years ago, we were right in the middle of a move.  We had sold our house, had a horrible closing with the people who purchased our home, and weren’t going to close on our new house for another two weeks.  We had packed all of our belongings in two storage units and spread what wouldn’t fit across friends and family.  A dear friend allowed us to stay at their home while they were away on vacation.

When I look at this image, I remember —

  • finding some sanity in a crazy time just exploring their yard with my camera
  • the feel of an old-fashioned summer in New England
  • the hospitality of good friends who feel like family
  • and how my grandmother (who lives with us) said that staying here brought back so many memories of her childhood in a house like this one.

Sometimes, it’s much more than just a blue chair….

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