What are We Waiting For?

I read this blog post awhile back, and saw it again today. It really touched me, and wanted to share it with everyone, and ask “what are you waiting for?”

Deb Schwedhelm asks “What Are We Waiting For?”

And, I am guilty, too.  I had wanted to have our own family photos done by a local photographer whose work I admired for well over a year.  BUT, I didn’t do it last year because I thought next year I would lose some weight, and I would look better.  This year was our 15th wedding anniversary, and I realized that the last professional family photo we had of all of us together had been 5 years earlier at a friends’ wedding.  And, it took that bit of information to ask myself what I was really waiting for, and I had no good reason.

I called Sharna and even then, I wanted to wait at least a month until my daughter had her arm cast off…because I thought “she” would feel more comfortable.  In retrospect, she wouldn’t have cared.  Then, it really hit home when shortly after I scheduled our own session, one of our photographer’s clients from earlier in the summer, a local teacher and a mom of two teenagers, was killed in an automobile accident.  Life changes in an instant.

As Deb says in her blog post, my daughters are never going to think “i really love this photo of my family but i wish my mom had waited until she lost some weight.”   It’s a judgement we put on ourselves.

Dont’ get me wrong, it’s not just the way we feel about ourselves, it’s that ever growing list of things to do – work, sports, cleaning toilets….She goes on to saywe never know what tomorrow will bring our way.  and life is quickly racing by; before we know it, our kids will be grown and leaving the house.  NO, THERE IS NO PERFECT TIME.”

And, whether that’s family photos or any other decision…there is no perfect time for anything, there is only now.  When something in my life comes up, I am beginning to ask myself what am I waiting for.

So,  “What are YOU waiting for?”

Photos by Sharna W Photography

The Washington Post article that Deb references in her blogpost “Pearls Before Breakfast” is excellent.  It’s very long, but an incredible experiment and an honest assessment of how we all need to slow down, look around and LISTEN…if you didn’t click that link, and have some time, I recommended going back and reading it.

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